Technology and equipment of helicopters within Osoarzan services to support the needs of our customers in the various countries of commercial sectors and government by responding to new challenges and to promote technical services and logistics, equipment on board the high importance of the achievement of safety and flight performance of the aircraft and the most important factors for it in mind that the equipment be It includes significant advantages such as reduced weight and size, and is suitable to achieve the requirement of comfort and luxury.
* Safety systems on board the aircraft:
   Manufacture and installation of safety systems on board the aircraft and emergency response and evacuation and rapid exit systems equipment (lifeboats, life jackets, oxygen masks ...) and safety equipment for civil and military airports.

* Electrical systems for aircraft:
  Maintenance and processing of all critical systems for the management of electric power systems on board the aircraft and supplies electrical systems, electrical generators and motors technical components and systems, cockpit systems, and indoor and outdoor lighting and communication between the cockpit and cabin crew and ground services technology.

* Seats and passenger trailer:
 Installation and design of the seats and passenger services trailers and the possibility of the service, taking into account the various grades and taking into account the technical aspects to achieve the level of security and aesthetic in design and high-tech professionally us to guarantee our customers technical support and commercial security and lower maintenance costs.